Year: 2015

  • "Dhaka 20x3 (An Architectural Guide to the Capital of Bangladesh)" , Lead/Principal Author: Principal Author: Dr. Adnan Z Morshed, Associate Professor, Catholic University of America, Washington DC, USA Co-author: Nesfun Nahar Name of Publisher: Rizzoli Year: 2015
    Field of Research: History, Architecture
    Department: Department of Architecture
    Type: Books

Year: 2010

  • "Post Gupta Bengal: Inscriptions Coins and literature" , Mohammad Habib Reza, Ph.D Lead/Principal Author: Mohammad Habib Reza Co-author: .. Name of Publisher: Journal of Eurasian Studies (ISSN: 1879-3665) Volume and Issue: Volume 4, Issue 4 Year: 2010
    Field of Research: History
    Department: Department of Architecture
    Type: Article Published in Refereed Journals