Department: Department of Architecture
Conference/Workshop Proceeding 

Year: 2017

  • "Santal mud dwellings: materials, construction and space typology" , Lead/Principal Author: Iftekhar Ahmed Name of Publisher: International Conference on Vernacular Earthen Architecture, Conservation and Sustainability SOStierra 2017 Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Mud architecture
  • "Understanding the Role of Geographic Terrain and Cultural Forces in shaping the Settlement Pattern of South Asian Tertiary Cities through Bagerhat as a Case-Study" , Farasha Zaman Lead/Principal Author: Badruzzahan Ahmed Co-author: Farasha Zaman Name of Publisher: The S.ARCH (Sustainable ARCHitecture) Conference & Awards, 2017 Volume and Issue: ISBN 978-3-9818275-4-5, T5: Urban Ecology and Climate, Chapter 5.08, Page: 435 to 445 Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Urban Design and Historic Conservation through Tourism