Department: Department of Economics and Social Sciences
Article Published in Refereed Journals

Year: 2017

  • "Preventing another Rana Plaza disaster: Have reforms to Bangladesh’s garment industry gone far enough?" , Lead/Principal Author: Dr. Shahidur Rahman Co-author: Dr. Shahidur Rahman Name of Publisher: Policy Forum, Asia & the Pacific Policy Society Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Garment Industry
  • "The comparative effect of corruption and Piketty’s second fundamental law of capitalism on inequality" , Lead/Principal Author: Adnan M.S. Fakir Co-author: Azraf Uddin Ahmad, K. M. Masnun Hossain, Mostafa Rafid Hossain , Ridhim Sadman Gani Name of Publisher: Economic Analysis and Policy Volume and Issue: 55 Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Economics
  • "Transitions Between Informal and Formal Employment: Results from a Worker Survey in Bangladesh" , Lead/Principal Author: Italo A. Gutierrez Co-author: Farzana Munshi, Krishna B. Kumar, Minhaj Mahmud, Shanthi Nataraj Name of Publisher: RAND Corporation Year: 2017
    Field of Research: Labour Economics