Economics and Social Sciences 

BRAC University's Department of Economics and Social Sciences (ESS) was established in 2003.  Since then it has expanded to include 17 full time faculties and near about 300 students. Presently the Department offers two majors and three minors.

More than half the faculty members hold PhDs from reputed universities from all over the world and have strong research and teaching experience.  The Department also has many young teachers dedicated to professional academic careers. The faculty is committed to close engagements with students to develop their intellectual curiosity and motivation for learning. Students are encouraged to ask questions and challenge conventional ideas, both within and outside the classroom settings.  We seek to make students understand the broad economic and social realities they live in, both in Bangladesh and the global community, and to develop critical insights and analysis to help them determine solutions.  We prepare students both for the job market and for graduate studies but also emphasize their growth as all-rounded individuals with strong ethical values.

Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in Economics

ESS offers its students a broad, comprehensive, demanding and innovative BSS degree in Economics. It is designed to introduce them to the basic concepts and issues in economic theory and discourse, offer them challenging upper level courses that sharpen and focus their understanding and engagement with the discipline, and teach them to apply the concepts learnt in the classroom to real life. The major in Economics

  • provides a firm grounding in modern economic theory
  • develops the capacity for quantitative research
  • advances knowledge about the world economy
  • fosters independent, analytical thinking on economic problems and policies

The core courses of the Economics major program will create a strong theoretical base for any further study in economics. Along with the elective courses the major also effectively prepares students for the employment market in government, the private sector and in development agencies.

Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in Anthropology

ESS has been offering a major in Anthropology since the spring of 2013. The program is committed to rigorous teaching, writing and analytical skill-building on issues such as development, modernity, nationalism, sovereignty and culture. The Anthropology faculty includes well known specialists who have successfully made ESS an important convening platform that articulates a better historicized, culturally contextualized Southern perspective as well as offering a new South Asian narrative.  Small student-teacher ratio and close mentoring of students, both in the class room as well as in the field, ensure high-quality social science training, with prospects for advanced degrees and interesting careers in the development sectors and elsewhere. The anthropology program, thus, offers the following:

  • intensive course work covering theoretical advances and practical experiences
  • extensive field work
  • research with faculty members
  • internship with research organizations and NGOs
  • participation in workshops and conferences
  • career planning advice for graduate studies and for employment opportunities

Minors in Economics, Anthropology and Sociology

ESS offers a Minor in Economics for students of other disciplines to gain a strong foundation in theoretical and applied micro and macroeconomics along with a basic understanding of the techniques of economic data analysis. The Minors in Anthropology and Sociology will help students integrate the theoretical knowledge gained in other undergraduate majors with a deeper understanding of the greater social and development contexts as well as develop analytical and writing skills.  Minors in Anthropology and Sociology provide a better liberal arts grounding for students that give them a competitive edge in the job market.