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Tag: Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research
Publish Date: April 13th, 2017

Dr. Md. Sajidur Rahman, Assistant Professor, C3ER, BRAC University attended the BRAC Migration Award 2016. In a first ever initiative to recognize journalists for their remarkable reporting on the issue of migration, BRAC has awarded 10 journalists under different categories in the country for their reports on migration last year. The award ceremony was held at BRAC Centre in the capital's Mohakhali on 12 April 2017. BRAC Executive Director Muhammad Musa distributed the crests, certificated and prize money among the awarded journalist. Also in attendance was Kazi Abul Kalam, Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare and Overseas Employment who expressed his gratitude to the journalists for their contribution in addressing migration and human trafficking issue during last year's crisis. He also suggested including the issue of migration in the country's education system, especially at the tertiary level. The event was moderated by BRAC's senior Director of Strategy, Empowerment and Capacity Mr. Asif Saleh.

Tag: Control and Applications Research Centre
Publish Date: April 11th, 2017

The director of CARC, BRAC University, Dr. A.K.M. Abdul Malek Azad attended the meeting for presenting their proposal on the commercialization of solar ambulance all over Bangladesh through 13136 community clinics. The entire session was chaired by the SREDA chairman Mr. Helal Uddin and the meeting took place on the 10th of April 2017 at the SEDRA Conference Room, IEB Bhaban. Many officials from BRTC of BUET, CARC from BRAC University, IDCOL, Dhaka University, United International University, UNDP, along with members of SEDRA took part in the meeting to discuss about the future of various innovative renewable projects in Bangladesh. Solar ambulance, solar human hauler, solar cargo hauler and solar stove are some of the examples of the projects CARC has been investing its resources in. This brings new aspects of improvement in transportation system in the country pioneered by CARC, BRAC University.

Tag: Department of Pharmacy
Publish Date: April 9th, 2017

On April 8, 2017, BRAC University Pharma Society (BUPS) members arranged a campaign considering the World Health Day 2017: "Depression. Let’s talk” at Adarsha School, Narayanganj. The BUPS team was accompanied by BUPS co-advisor Mr. Imon Rahman (Senior Lecturer, Department of Pharmacy, BRAC University), a doctor and psychologists to conduct the campaign.

The program began with a warm welcome and appreciation from the honorable principle of the school. Following a general brief about depression from the psychologist at the assembly, the BUPS members went to different classrooms of the school to talk about health related issues with the students. They showed different diet charts and health charts to the students and gave different health related information to them. They talked about different common diseases, seasonal diseases and microbial diseases as well as depression with the students. In addition to these discussion, they even tried to break the conventional myths that are believed by them. As part of the program, BMI (Body Mass Index) of the students were also measured by the doctor. The doctor also provided health chart and suggestion regarding exercises to the students. The psychologists and the counseling team of BUPS members also counseled the students who seemed depressed to them. Apart from this, the BUPS members also tried to bring some amusement out of it by arranging quiz competition in every class of the school. 

The highlighted of this campaign was the spontaneous and active participation of the students in this campaign. In conclusion, it can be said that this was a remarkable experience for the BUPS members with the students of Adarsha School. It was indeed an effective and fruitful event organized by the BUPS members.

Tag: Department of Pharmacy
Publish Date: April 7th, 2017

The World Health Day is a global health awareness day celebrated each year on April 7. This year the theme of the World Health Day was “Depression, Let’s talk” in order to encourage people to talk about their depression and help them to come out of it. Keeping this in mind, BRAC University Pharma Society (BUPS) conducted a campaign to celebrate World Health Day 2017: "Depression. Let’s talk” on April 6, 2017 by arranging a booth at BRAC University premises. They decorated the booth with banners and background videos to enlighten the people about depression. There was also a quiz pertinent to depression and health related problems for the audience of the campaign. The people who gave the right answers of this quiz were given gifts for their participation.

Tag: Department of Architecture
Publish Date: April 7th, 2017

Department of architecture has organized a symposium titled 'Rethinking Architectural Education' in the auditorium of its Mohakhali campus in the capital on 06 April 2017 in collaboration with Bengal Institute.

The symposium consisted of three sessions, including two panel discussions titled 'Architecture and Community' and 'Architecture and the World'. The panel discussions in these sessions were joined by famous architects such as Marina Tabassum, Kazi Khaleed Ashraf as well as faculty members from BRACU and other universities. The panel discussions were followed by a roundtable discussion led by Professor Fuad H Mallik.

Acting head of the Department of Architecture of BRACU, Dr. Mohammad Faruk inaugurated the symposium with an opening speech, discussing the significance of architectural education in national and global context. The brief overview of symposium was given by Professor Fuad H Mallik of the department.

The symposium reviewed that architecture is more than a discipline; it is part of our "life experience". If architecture is an art, it is an existential art, that is, architecture is an organic part of society, of our existences. On the other hand, architecture is increasingly an instrument of global, economic and technological practices. The speakers at the symposium emphasized preparing students of architecture in a way that can contribute to the betterment of society as well as the country. The symposium ended with a question-answer session for audiences.

Tag: Department of Architecture
Publish Date: April 6th, 2017

Generally, the last week of the semester is scheduled for the final juries of the design studios. For this spring 2017 semester, the juries of first year to fifth year were conducted from 02 to 05 April 2017. All faculty members were present. Other students of the department attended the jury as well.

Tag: Office of Co-curricular Activities
Publish Date: April 4th, 2017

BRAC University (BRACU) organised a fair titled "BRACU Baishakhi Mela-1424 (বৈশাখী  মেলা ১৪২৪) " in the auditorium of its Mohakhali campus in the capital yesterday, marking Bangla New Year 1424. Stalls displaying boutique dresses, jewellery accessories, games, food items etc made and presented by BRACU students and their parents, faculty members and staff, were the major attraction in this event.

The aim of the fair was letting the new generation know the real value of celebrating our diversity and spreading the joy through festivities to make the event a truly memorable experience. Director of BRAC Institute of Languages, Lady Syeda Sarwat Abed inaugurated the program at 10:00 Am. In her inaugural speech, she said Pahela Baishakh is indeed a joyful occasion in the life of each and every Bangladeshi. She also expected that this year BRACU will welcome Bengali New Year with traditional festivities and enthusiasm.

In the fair there were also arrangements for a puppet show, bioscope, parrot fortune-telling and a mehndi corner to woo visitors and provide hours of entertainment.

When asked about the aim of puppet show, Rayed Hassan, a BRACU student and a member of the organising team of the event said that it was to attract students to Bangladesh's cultural heritage through entertainment.

The fair was also open for parents. Entaz Uddin Molla, a father and retired service holder, came to visit the fair as a visitor. He praised the initiative and expressed his pleasure at seeing the programme.

The fair also gave opportunities to entrepreneurs to showcase their products. Iffat Enam, an entrepreneur as well as a program officer of the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of BRACU, showcased unstitched dresses in her stall. She told that student entrepreneurs should use this platform to emerge as entrepreneurs. Another young entrepreneur, Munni Akter, came up with a stall for the first time in the fair. As a mehedi artist, she will be using feedbacks of this fair for further expansion of her business in the future.

The campus was decorated on the theme of the day while students wore traditional clothing showcasing motifs depicting Bangladesh's heritage and culture.

Tag: Announcement
Publish Date: April 4th, 2017

Comprehensive seat plan - Spring 2017 (trimester programs) [ PDF ]

Please look into additional sheet below those exams are scheduled in multiple hall rooms:

Day 1 (9/4/17), SUNDAY

Morning (10:00 AM):
ENG091 | ENG101 | ENG102 | FRN101CHN101| ECO207 | ECO432 | MGT401 | MKT301

Afternoon (02:00 PM)
CSE101 | CSE230 | CSE320 | EEE361 | ENG332 | HST406 | LAW103 | MKT201 | POL101 |

Day 2 (10/4/17), MONDAY

Morning (10:00 AM):
ACT301 | BIO101| BTE417 | CSE221 | EEE201 | EEE203 | FIN301 | HUM101 | LAW101 | LAW202 | LAW308 | MAT092 | MKT431

Afternoon (02:00 PM):
CSE110 | CSE111 | CSE370 | CSE422 | EEE243 | MGT424 | SOC101 | BUS201 | BTE101

Day 3 (11/4/17), TUESDAY

Morning (10:00 AM):
ACT202 | ANT101 | BCH101 | BTE103 | CHE101 | CHE110 | CSE340 | CSE341 | CSE371 | ECO202 | ECO306 | EEE301 | EEE365 | ENG440 | FIN427 | GEO101 | LAW204

Afternoon (02:00 PM):
CSE360 | CSE460 | ECO310 | EEE205 | HST102 | LAW304 | MAT103 | MKT421 | MSC301 | PHY111 | PHY112

Day 4 (12/4/17), WEDNESDAY

Morning (10:00 AM):
ACT201 | BTE203 | BTE302 | CSE330 | ECO104 | ECO201 | ECO431 | PHY101 | STA101 | ENG113 | LAW344

Afternoon (02:00 PM):
BUS202 | BUS302 | HST103 | LAW205 | LAW401 | MAT110 | MAT120 | MAT215 | MKT426

Day 5 (13/4/17), THURSDAY

Morning (10:00 AM):
BTE402 | BUS301 | CSE470 | FIN424 | MAT101 | MKT423 | STA201

Afternoon (02:00 PM):
ACT422 | ECO206 | EEE415 | ENV103 | MAT216 | MGT425

Day 6 (15/4/17), SATURDAY

Morning (10:00 AM):
ECO102 | ECO324 | EEE221 | EEE343 | ENG114 | ENG212 | FIN421 | MGT211

Afternoon (02:00 PM):
BUS321 | CSE331 CSE420 | EEE241 | LAW403 | MKT425 | PSY101

Day 7 (16/4/17), SUNDAY

Morning (10:00 AM):
BUS101 | FIN441 | MGT201 | MIC101

Afternoon (02:00 PM):
BUS203 | EEE305 | LAW305 | MGT427

Day 8 (17/4/17), MONDAY

Morning (10:00 AM):
CSE461 | ECO208 | ECO308 | EEE413 | LAW102 MGT301

Afternoon (02:00 PM):
CSE161 | FIN423 | LAW301MSC142

Tag: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Publish Date: April 4th, 2017

On the 3rd of April, IEEE BRAC University Student Branch held its first General Body Meeting at 5 pm. The executive body members of 2016 were warmly congratulated and appreciated for all their work through certificates and crests. The vice chair, Fairooz Zafar and General Secretary, Md. Nasimuzzaman Mishuk and Editor, Anika Iqbal of Executive Body 2016 shared their  memories and experiences, which definitely inspired everyone in the room. A great turn out in the final week of the semester was extremely overwhelming and surprising. This surely marked a great victory for the student branch in itself. Aldrin Nippon Bobby, respected Lecturer of EEE, BRAC University was gracious enough to lead the entire session and by enlightening us with his knowledge. The attendees were encouraged to share their ideas about what they are expecting in the upcoming year. These covered all the tours, competitions, workshops, conferences and so on. Token of appreciation were also presented to the winners of the previous year, such as Technical Article Writing Competition 2016. Finally, refreshments were served while a short movie of ten minutes was shown to entice the audience. Overall, the event turned out to be a great success!

Tag: Department of Economics and Social Sciences
Publish Date: April 2nd, 2017

Have you ever contemplated about your residing urban space? Why do the glitches that we criticize exist and what is being done to challenge them? 1 April 2017, the seminar on urban challenges on planning gave the students of BRAC University the opportunity to identify the persistent issues. The seminar was conducted by two distinguished personalities; Dr. Md. Akter Mahmud, Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Jahangir Nagar University and Architect Jalal Ahmed, General Secretary of Institute of Architects Bangladesh and the Vice president of Commonwealth Association of Architects, invited by Dr. Rubana Ahmed, Assistant Professor, Department of Economics and Social Sciences.

Arch. Jalal Ahmed presented the remarkable architectural sites that has been constructed in our urban space. The constructions include buildings and sites from our historical context, commemorations, educational buildings- well-built institutions such as Dhaka University or Jahangir Nagar University- health sectors and parliamentary sector which includes the most uniquely designed building, our National Parliamentary House i.e. Jatiya Shangshad Bhaban. During the second session of the seminar urban planner Dr. Mahmud raised critical questions about our city, i.e. Dhaka. He discussed the issues within policy making for our urban space that mostly favors the privileged. Furthermore, he talked about the planning structure where internal structural problems ensure the planning caters mostly to the upper middle class, rich and middle class people and the lower middle class and lower income people frequently get ignored.

The insight on our urban space helped the student to be more acquainted to the practical implications of policy making and planning, providing them better chances to gear up on their ambitions and aspirations.

Tag: Department of Pharmacy
Publish Date: March 31st, 2017

In March 2017, the Department of Pharmacy, BRAC University organized the First Ever ChemBio HACKATHON in Bangladesh. The event took place from March 28, 2017 to April 01, 2017 at the BRAC University premises. The Award Ceremony will be held on April 16, 2017 at the Global Development Learning Network (GDLN). Nuvista Pharma Limited, Bangladesh contributed to this event.

The ChemBio HACKATHON started with a three day-long training session from March 28, 2017 to March 30, 2017 on computational chemistry and biology. This was followed by the HACKATHON day held on April 01, 2017. During the training session, the participants were able to learn about popular molecular modeling, visualizing and sequencing software. The session provided the students with a firsthand training in solving modern molecular design problems employing in-silico methods and also provided them with enough resources to participate in the final competition.

The participants were the students of the BRAC University, among whom, 33 were from the Department of Pharmacy and 2 were from the Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. The objective of this event was to give the students a hand-on experience regarding bacterial engineering for bioremediation, in-silico drug designing and designing siRNA by RNA interference technology (RNAi). This is also done with the view of preparing the students for future research in this field. In all, the program was a huge success!

Tag: BRAC Institute of Languages
Publish Date: March 30th, 2017

Mr. Kenji Inoue and Ms. Masako Inoue, Japanese delegates from Kumon Educational Japan Co., Ltd. (KIE), have recently paid a three-day visit to Bangladesh from 27-29 March, 2017. The purpose of their visit was to meet with BRAC-Kumon team at BRAC Institute of Languages (BIL), BRAC University.

KIE is an organization that offers private tutoring through an individualized instruction in its Kumon centres and practices the Japanese educational method of mathematics and reading. The first Kumon centre was opened in Osaka, Japan, in 1985. As of November 2014, over 4.3 million students have enrolled under Kumon method in more than 30,000 Kumon centres in 49 countries around the world.

In Bangladesh, Kumon was first introduced in BRAC Education Programme with funding from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The pre-piloting began in November 2014 in three of the BRAC Primary Schools (BPS) for mathematics. BIL is currently working with Kumon in partnership with BRAC to establish the first Kumon centres in Dhanmondi and Uttara neighbourhoods of Dhaka by August, 2017, to offer its programmes for students from all tiers of the society.

During their stay, Mr. Inoue and Ms. Inoue visited other potential neighbourhoods, accompanied by BRAC-Kumon team, in search of an ideal location for their upcoming centres. In addition, both teams held meetings to discuss issues such as business plans, training programmes, and so on. Moreover, BRAC Research and Evaluation Department (RED) conducted a seminar on a market research study of Kumon perspectives in Bangladesh, which was chaired by Lady Syeda Sarwat Abed, Director of BIL, and Professor Abdul Bayes, Director of RED.

At the end of the visit, the Japanese delegates conveyed their appreciation of the initiatives undertaken by BRAC and BIL and also expressed their aspiration to expand their support in the development programs conducted in Bangladesh.

Tag: Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Publish Date: March 30th, 2017

Reefat, a student of UG physics program presented his thesis work (PHY 400) on March 30, 2017. The work was supervised by Professor  Mahbub Alam Majumdar of the CSE department. The Examination Committee was chaired by Professor A. A. Z. Ahmad. Professor Toffazol Hossain, Professor  Mahbub Alam Majumdar, Dr. Firoze H. Haque and Mr. Muhammad Lutfor Rahman were also present as members of the Examination Committee.

Three students pursuing BS in microbiology programs presented their theses on 30 March 2017 in Room UB21511 of the MNS Department. Saria Farheen , Rocksher Annur  and Samira Khandaker  presented their research study  in environmental microbiology, medical microbiology and molecular biology.  The research studies were conducted at the microbiology lab at the MNS Dept. under the supervision of Ms. Fahareen Binta Mosharraf.

The Viva-Voce Examination for the presentation was chaired by Professor A. A. Z. Ahmad. Dr. Mahboob Hossain, Mr. Mahbubul Hasan Siddiqee, Ms. Fahareen Binta Mosharraf, Ms. Namista Islam, Ms. Trosporsha Tasnim Khan and Ms. Nazneen Jahan were present as members of the Examination Committee.

Tag: BRAC Business School
Publish Date: March 30th, 2017


  • An article titled “Emerging Global Macroeconomic Environment: Implications for Bangladesh” was published in The Financial Express dated 21 March, 2017. The article analyzed the linkage between exports, remittances and foreign direct investment with economic growth in Bangladesh. The risks to substantial boosts to these determinants of growth are dealt with. The article concludes that the stimulus for growth acceleration has to come mainly from the domestic sector of the economy. In particular policy makers need pay dedicated attention to reliving the constraints to private investment which, as a proportion of GDP, has remained stagnant for nearly a decade.  
  • An article “Corporate Governance: a Conceptual Overview” was published as a chapter in a special publication on Corporate Governance and Compliance in Capital Market by DSE Brokers Association of Bangladesh (DBA). The article dealt with the basic requirements of sound corporate governance as well as the benefits likely to be reaped by companies which implement corporate governance principles. Macroeconomic benefits are also discussed.
  • A two-page interview report was published in Market Pulse (Issue No.121), a monthly journal of Lanka Bangla Securities. The interview dealt with the various factors which have influenced recent movements in the stock market of Bangladesh and suggestions for actions to ensure stable progress of the market.

Others Activities:

06 March: Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam was panelist at a discussion organized by American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham). The discussion dealt with emerging developments in the global macro economy and their implications for Bangladesh. The other panelists were Ambassador Farooq Sobhan, former Foreign Secretary and President, Bangladesh Enterprise Institute, and Ambassador Muhammad   Zamir, former Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and former Chief Information Commissioner.

Some of the actions needed to ensure gains for Bangladesh from the global economy were active negotiations to ensure market access for exports to US and UK following Trump’s election and Brexit, sending skilled labor to enhance remittances, identification of illegally employed expatriates in Bangladesh to reduce outflow of foreign exchange and efforts to increase foreign direct investment.

15 March: Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam was the only discussant in a TV program broadcast by Ekushey TV. The discussion dealt with emerging developments in the macroeconomic scenario of Bangladesh and their implications for near term growth performance. 

16 March: Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam along with the President of Merchant Bankers Association participated in a program broadcast by TV channel News 24. The recent movements in the stock market indices and likely changes in the near future were reviewed.

26 March: Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam participated in a discussion broadcast by TV channel 24*7 News. The other participant was Mr. Jamal Uddin, General Secretary of Bangladesh Economic Association. The discussion reviewed the achievements of Bangladesh in economic and social development since independence, challenges confronting the country now and policy measures required to deal with them.

29 March: Dr. Mirza Azizul Islam along with Director General of Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management and Chief Executive Officer of Bank Asia participited  in a TV program broadcast by ATN Bangla. Emerging risks in the banking sector were reviewed and suggestions were offered to address the challenges. 

Tag: BRAC Institute of Governance and Development
Publish Date: March 30th, 2017

  • Simeen Mahmud, Head, Gender Cluster and Nuzhat Sharmeen, Research Associate attended the workshop on "Creating Inclusive and Resilient Cities" organized by CORD (Collaboration for Research on democracy), Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Centre in Milan, Italy from March 6-10, 2017. Simeen Mahmud presented the paper titled “Engaging the urban poor to build resilient communities: realizing the right to water in urban Bangladesh”.
  • Simeen Mahmud; Maheen Sultan, Visiting Fellow and Sahida Khondaker, Research Associate presented paper titled ‘Care work and Gender Roles’, ‘Exploring Care Work of Women’ and ‘Images of Caring Men’ accordingly at the inauguration of the Center for Advanced Research at Central Women's University.
  • Nuzhat Sharmeen attended the training on Elsevier (Science Direct) Digital Resource Awareness & Author Workshop in association with Access to Information (a2i), Krishibid Institute Bangladesh, March 02, 2017.
  • Dr. Shanawez Hossain attended the meeting between BRAC and Institute of South Asian Studies (ISAS), National University of Singapore, held at BRAC Centre on March 19, 2017. Dr. Hossain participated at a panel discussion on “NGO and development in Bangladesh” on the occasion of celebrating BRAC Day 2017, held on March 19, 2017. He also, attended a live  TV Discussion on Traffic and Public Transport of Dhaka City based on BIGD’s State of Cities Report, 2016 at News24 on March 29, 2017.


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