C3ER Staff Participated Training Course on Sustainable Supply Chain

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, February 28, 2017 - 11:45

Ibrat Sharif, Research Associate , C3ER, BRAC University participated in a day long training course on “Sustainable Supply Chain” held on 27 February at Bangladesh Institute of Management (BIM).  The training course was organized by collaboration between BIM and the global programme ‘Private Sector Adaptation to Climate Change’ supported by GIZ. The training contents were- (1) the understanding of sustainable development and the sustainable supply chain system; (2) responsive and resilient supply chain; (3) identification of climate change risk in supply chain (group work); (4) climate expert: development of adaptation strategy and (5) climate finance for SMEs. Sustainable supply chains can be classified as responsible and resilient supply chains. Responsible supply chains consider understanding and mitigation of the social, environmental and economic risks as well as impacts along the supply chain. Resilient supply chains imply understanding and adaptation to climate change impacts that may impact a company’s ability to produce a product or service. Climate Expert: The tool entails 4-step approach that helps companies to analyze climate change risks and opportunities and generate strong adaptation strategies. The certificate giving ceremony was held after the completion of the technical sessions.