CSE faculty member attended a conference (SPIE Photonics West 2017) in San Francisco, USA

Publish Date: 
Friday, February 3, 2017 - 14:00

CSE faculty member, Dr. Md. Ashraful Alam, Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering Department, BRAC University attended a conference “SPIE Photonics West 2017” as a speaker, held at the Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA, USA from 28 January to 2 February. SPIE is the world’s largest society for Optical engineering and Photonics, including imaging science. Dr. Alam presented a paper titled “Viewing angle enhancement of a real-time integral imaging system using multi-directional projections and GPU parallel processing.” This paper is also co-authored by four students of BRAC University – Md. Sifatul Islam, Mahfuze Subhani, Mohd. Zishan Tareque, Md. Rashidul Rahman Rafi and Md. Shahinur Rahman (PhD student in Chungbuk National University, Korea) and Professor Nam Kim (Professor of Chungbuk National University, Korea). This research work was accomplished in collaboration with OIP Lab, Chungbuk National University, Korea.

Dr. Alam happily shared that in the interactive session, some researches and professors appreciated the idea of this paper including a researcher from MIT Media Lab, a researcher from US Naval Research Lab and professors from Japan and China.

Besides attending the conference, Dr. Alam was visited Stanford University and University of California, Riverside (UCR) and had a meeting with Professor Amit Roy-Chowdhury, a renowned Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept. of UCR on January 30, 2017. His research area includes Computer Vision and Image Processing allied field with Dr. Alam. Professor Roy leads the Video computing group at UCR. Dr. Alam discussed about research collaboration with UCR.