First Year Advising Team (FYAT)

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, March 15, 2017 - 16:00

Student Mentors Interview

FYAT advisers at OSA selected ideal candidates for the position of student peer mentors through extensive interviews from a pool of applicants. Total 86 students submitted their CV’s showing their interest to apply for the position. Among the newly applied candidates, 49 students have been shortlisted and were called interview session. Finally 21 new mentors have been selected for summer 2017 FYAT Program along with existing 20 student mentors from Spring 2017 semester. During the interview the advisers were looking for knowledge regarding university rules and regulations aside with their communication skills. These student mentors along with their respective faculty advisers shall be responsible for facilitating the transition of the Summer 2017 freshman cohort at BRAC University.

Post Midterm Individual Advising Session

The existing FYAT groups of Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 have successfully completed their post midterm individual advising sessions. The main aim of these sessions was early identification of students at risk of entering into academic probation and providing appropriate support through referrals, consultations and tutorials where applicable.

Meeting with Student Mentor

Two separate meetings with FYAT student mentors from Spring 2017 and Fall 2016 were held on March 05 and March 14 respectively. The main discussion points of these meetings were to aid the students with proper instructions and appropriate referrals. Also, mentors were instructed to set up one-on-one meeting in between the adviser and the students of their respective FYAT group.