Inviting Vendors for a Demo of Available Technologies and Methods for Securing Documents

Publish Date: 
Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 10:00

BRAC University is looking for reputed suppliers dealing in processing electronic signatures and imparting security to a number of their documents including original certificates.

Vendors are invited to show a demo of various technologies and features and processes of securing documents, printing documents in secure environment using secure printers and may include the following :

  • Methods such as special paper with thread, copy-void features, registered holograms, HD QR codes, UV technology etc. are thought to be the most significant way that the original certificates can be secured, besides existing sequential verifiable number at the back and embossed seal feature in the certificates.
  • Security features to elevate authenticity like Secure holographic strip bordering the certificate, registered water mark all over the background and microtext printed all over the certificate or in specific part of the certificate.
  • Special printers with secured access with various security features have been explored which provide additional security in printing original certificates and transcripts.

For further information, vendors are requested to make preliminary contact with the following members:

1. N. Alamgir – Head of I.T., email address : nalamgir[at][dot]bd
2. Hasina Afroz – University Librarian , email address : librarian[at][dot]bd
3. Shafik Waes – Deputy controller of Examinations, email address: waes[at][dot]bd

The Demo should focus in giving our management a clear picture of the various available technologies and methods that may be used to generate secure certificates, printing of those certificates and electronic signature processing.

After the demo, a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be sent out to bidders who can participate in a competitive bidding process with their technical and financial proposal.

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