Law Alumni Association BRAC University (LAABRACU) and OCSARorganized its first seminar at BRAC University entitled “Exploring a Legal Career in Bangladesh”

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Thursday, May 18, 2017 - 12:15

Law Alumni Relations BRAC University (LAABRACU) along with OCSAR organized an event titled “Exploring a Legal Career in Bangladesh”on 17th May, 2017 in BRACU Auditorium UB02. The aim of this seminar was to assist and encourage BRAC University Law students to take the first step towards the legal profession. The LAABRACU was given logistic support by the BRAC University Law Society.

The honorable special guests and the keynote speakers attending the seminar were; Justice Mr. Siddiqur Rahman Miah, former Justice of the Appellate Division, Supreme Court of Bangladesh Mr. Abdul MatinKhasru, M.P., Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh and Chairman of the Executive Committee of Bangladesh Bar Council and Prof. K. ShamsuddinMahmood, Dean, School of Law, BRAC University, Ex-Officio Chairman of LAABRACU.

Mr. Abdul MatinKhasru, M.P., commented that lawyers are the soldiers of truth and truth is the soul of justice; the whole exercise in the course is to find out the truth. Justice Siddiqur Rahman Miah said that students should not study law to pass exam; law should be loved. There is no shortcut to become a good lawyer. The moment one becomes a lawyer, he becomes the architect of the society. In his observations, Prof. K. ShamsuddinMahmood said that a good lawyer assimilates and analyzes the facts. He also added that learning law is not enough; learning ‘lawyering’ is the art that one should achieve to become a good lawyer.

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