Workshop on Adjustment with Self and Others

Publish Date: 
Friday, May 26, 2017 - 09:45

In this rapidly changing world, adjustment is a persistent feature of human personality. A person of adjusting nature can lead a cheerful and wholesome life. The stage of university life is an important part of the student’s life as he/she moves from the total dependence on the teacher, family and curriculum into the complete independence. Moreover, many students move away from their cities into new places which may cause a change in their cultural, social and psychological environment and all these may affect their adjustment to the university life.

Therefore, like previous semester, to aware students about the significance of well adjustment, the Relationship Management Offiice of BRAC University organized a workshop on “Adjustment with Self and Others” with total twenty two freshers of BRACU girls’ Hostel on 25 May 2017 at BRAC University premises. The workshop was conducted by Safina Binte Enayet and Monzia Mushtaq- Psychosocial Counselors and Lecturers of the Counseling Unit, BRAC University.

The objectives of the workshop were to assist students to know about the meaning of adjustment, different aspects of adjustments, characteristics of a well adjusted person and some effective tools to make university life more productive and enjoyable one.

The workshop was started by expressing positive affirmations regarding self. Shortly after that a discussion was held on the different aspects of adjustment. Later on, a meditation was done to deepen their insights about the characteristics of a well adjusted person. In addition, some effective tools to make university life a productive one were shared with them. Students’ contentment was expressed through their enthusiastic participation throughout the whole workshop.