Probation Advising and Student Support (PASS) Program

Publish Date: 
Monday, March 20, 2017 - 16:45

Post midterm advising with probation students

In March 2017, post midterm individual advising session was held with probation students. A reminder SMS was sent through registrar office to 139 first time probation students, 70 last chance probation students and 209 parents regarding attending post midterm advising and tutorials. Students reported to probation advisers at the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) for these advising sessions. Solaiman Jony, Tanjia Afrin Turin and Fatema Israt Jahan, probation advisers from the OSA conducted the individual and group advising sessions. Total 191 probation students, both first time and last chance, attended the advising sessions. During the advising sessions students informed their midterm grades and setup action plans for final exam with their respective adviser. In addition, a reminder email was sent to the department probation advisers regarding conducting individual and/or group advising session with the first time probation students from their respective departments. In consequence, departmental probation advisers referred the students to OSA for remedial support services e.g. tutorials.

Moreover, OSA also monitored the progress of 14 probation students who were allowed to take participation in the tutorial classes only offered by OSA. These students have not been advised with any regular courses in Spring 2017 semester and based upon successful attendance and performance in the tutorial classes; they will be considered further chance to continue at BRAC University. 


The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) arranged and coordinated tutorials in MAT 110, MAT 120, PHY 111, CSE 110, BUS 101 and ECO101 courses throughout the March, 2017. Four student tutors along with two faculty members from OSA conducted these tutorial classes. During the tutorial sessions faculty members and student tutors gave individual attention to students’ specific needs and students had the opportunity to engage with the course materials more directly. In March 2017, total 872 students (one student came multiple times) attended in 100 tutorial sessions in the above mentioned courses.

Moreover, OSA also collected midterm grades of MAT 110, MAT 120, PHY 111 and BUS 101courses from the respective departments and identified the students who got below 60% marks in midterm examination and were at risk of failing the course. In MAT 110, 161 (27.19%) students out of 592; in PHY 111, 266 (53.2%) out of 500 students and in MAT 120, 85 (32.69%) students out of 260 got below 60% marks. On the other hand, in BUS 101 course 126 students out of 497 were in at risk category. These students and their parents were notified through texts and phone calls regarding their academic status and they were strongly advised to attend the tutorial classes on regular basis.