Engaging young men from urban slums on dialogues around consent, violence and sex

Publish Date: 
Thursday, February 23, 2017 - 10:45

Representatives from Kikid and Ranj – partners organisations for the research project “Psychodrama as transformative intervention in the SRH of young men in urban slums in Dhaka; proof of a novel approach” – visited Bangladesh from 19 – 22 February for a content development workshop on psychodrama. They visited an urban slum (Bhashentek) in Dhaka where they saw activities from the theatre group, one of which showed part of a play on intimate partner violence.

The workshop with young men from urban slums was held on 22 February where they played theatre games and discussed four statements with the group and listened to their reactions and opinions on these statements: “if a girl wears sexy clothes she wants more”; “if women do not listen, they deserve to be beaten”; “I brag about my sexual performance”; and “not using condom is OK”. After the workshop there was a debriefing session for further planning and implementation.